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Media/Press Partners

You are this tournament’s backbone and town crier. Without media exposure, this event will come and go. All the hard work and commitments of our area businesses will not get the recognition they deserve. The media will play a key role in how we show our sport, adjust the image of the game, and gain brand recognition. Please donate a portion of your programming to disc golf and see what it means to this area. Media informational packages will be forthcoming and sent to all mediums. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Media Relations Cover letter

The focus of the media is to spotlight events that shape the lives of our community, from world events to the little things around our home. It is the responsibility of those companies to bring to light what matters to our neighbors. With so much strife in the world, people need to hear about the good goings on and this is such an opportunity.
From August 8th through the 16th, 2008, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Michigan will be hosting the biggest Disc Golf event to date, The 2008 Professional and Amateur World Championships, crowning the best disc golfers from around the world in one location. Our backyard.

About Disc Golf

Disc golf began on the west coast in 1976 by the father of the disc golf, “Steady Ed” Headrick. He took the principles of Ball Golf and applied it to his passion for playing frisbee, changing the simple plastic disc into a physical, mental, and social game for all ages to enjoy. The object of Disc Golf is to complete a hole, starting at a teeing location (teebox) and finishing at the target (polehole or basket), an above ground version of the ball golf green and cup. Just as in ball golf, the least amount of strokes is desired and shooting par or under is the goal.

The sport grew because of the dedication of the few involved at inception and with the help of the Professional Disc Golf Association (, the sport is exploding due to the over 1000 courses around the country and the challenge that each hole provides.

Disc golf is a relatively inexpensive sport as equipment costs are low and most courses are free to play. Mixed with the mental game of ball golf and the easy learning curve, most beginners will be making pars by the end of their first round. However, to be a World Champion, it takes mental prowess, dedication, and a love for the sport much like our sport professional heroes.

About the Worlds

The World Championships will invite over 1000 participants from all over the world to come to Kalamazoo and Battle Creek for the biggest Disc Golf event seen to date. The Worlds is a revolving tournament, visiting only the most desired disc golf locales in the country for one week a year.

Only a very dedicated city can win the bid for the World Championships, along the lines of a city winning the bid for the Olympics. The disc golf community in Michigan is a buzz with the news and anticipation of the World Championship in their backyard.

It is a week-long competition, involving 10, 18 hole courses in the area. The designated courses are so far:

  • Oshtemo Township Park, Oshtemo Township
  • Timber Ridge Ski and Disc Golf Resort, Gobles
  • Victory Park, Albion
  • Meyer Broadway Park, Three Rivers
  • Robert Morris Park, Comstock Township
  • Coldbrook Park, Climax
  • Beggs Park, Springfield
  • Kimball Pines, Battle Creek

The World Championships will crown top competitors in the following divisions

Open Men
Open Women
Men & Women Masters (40+ years old)
Men & Women Grand Masters (50+ years old)
Men & Women Senior Grand Masters (60+ years old)
Men & Women Legends (70+ years old)

Men’s & Women’s Advanced (MA1 & WA1)
Masters (40+ years old)
Grand Masters (50+ years old)
Senior Grand Masters (60+ years old)
Juniors Men and Women(19+ years old, 16+ years old, 13+ years old, and up to 10 year old.)

A Call for Help

With over 1000 players, their families and supporters, not to mention the hordes of spectators to see some of the best of their craft grace our Disc Golf Courses, we need your help. Without your coverage, insight, and mention, this event will come and go. But with your help, this can put a spotlight on our community, set standards for years to come, and lift your companies to height unknown by the disc golf community. We would like to see programming set aside for the mention of this event, events coordination, fund-raising, and coverage. Disc golf is on the verge of breaking through to the limelight much like snowboarding of the 90’s, poker and bowling as of late. It just takes a little time and commitment to us as we are committed to the city, sport, and participants of the greatest disc golf event ever.

Our dedicated sponsorship liaisons are willing to sit down with program directors and idealists at your outlet and discuss your role in this exciting event. If you need further information, we would be happy to send any information you need, or you can take a few minutes and stop at one of the parks listed and grab someone coming off the course. Chances are, if they have disc golf equipment, they will sit and talk, tell you about the excitement of the sport, what it means to them, and how excited they are for the Worlds, over a year and a half away.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting with you about this genuine opportunity to tune in with your community.

Best Regards,
Mark Stubbs
2008 Pro/Am Disc Golf World Championships
Sponsorship Director
PDGA #23474