Chains Style Putting Contest

The Putting Contest and the other side games will be held at Timber Ridge Ski Area on Sunday, August 10.

This year’s putting champion will be decided by a one-on-one single elimination Chains (horse shoe) tournament.

The court will consist of 1 basket and a line 10 meters away where each player will throw from.  Each player gets 2 putts per turn.  First player to throw is decided by disc flip.  After that the order stays the same or best score from previous turn goes first.  Two (2) points are awarded for making a basket.  One (1) point for hitting any part of the basket.  Five (5) points for making both putts in the basket in a single turn.  All players must clear their discs after their turn. The winner is the first one to make twenty one (21) points or more after each player has taken the same amount of turns and is ahead of the other player by two (2) points.